We carry out in-depth Policy, Research, and Analysis on the impact of War, conflict, and its effect in the Horn of Africa and its environs with special emphasis on Somalia.

What makes us unique and distinguishable from any other firms is the fact that we are a local company and have extensive networks everywhere across Somalia and neighboring regions. We understand the geo-political climate and culture within this region and have the capacity to investigate incidents as they occur because of our contacts and connections. Our security studies include the identification of general security threats, varying from organized crimes, like terrorism, land or interstate conflicts, or threat against individuals. Our security research focuses on the major security threats related to violent extremism, terrorism financing, and recruitment within Somalia and its neighboring countries.

We offer solutions to our clients on any identified risks and threats. We address both traditional and non-traditional concerns. Al-Shabaab financial instruments, and current methods used for extortion. The impact, extent, and effects of the indoctrination of students in Al-Shabaab run schools. We can provide well-thought-out reports on the recruitment mechanisms being adopted by the Al-Shabaab insurgents and their sympathizers. We can closely monitor and deliver Al-Shabaab movements across the region and provide verified reports concerning current activities. Conduct risk assessment and impact reports on the effect of the war caused by Al-Shabaab occupancy on children and women. Problems and solutions to Marriage and disrupted Family life within the Al-Shabaab occupied areas. We carry out research and analyse the effects of the fight against Al-Shabaab and prepare impact assessment reports to enable various organizations to meet their objectives.

If you give us the assignment to establish the problems you face, we shall identify the risk and provide you with solutions.