Out of nowhere, a crisis strikes. These events may include natural disasters, business interruptions, criminal or malfeasance perpetrated by individuals, or violent political activity. Eagle Ranges Services assists clients with preventing, controlling and mitigating disturbances and losses in organization, operations and of assets by offering various degrees of security consulting, normally including thorough threat/risk analysis and detailed security planning.

How you manage a crisis can be a defining moment. A quick and responsible approach is required to manage and take control of the situation. This approach is essential if escalation and other negative effects are to be avoided and a rapid recovery made possible.

When a crisis hits, we provide clients with real-time assistance:

  • Detention and Political Hostage Taking.
  • Bomb and Death Threats.
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Terrorism

Eagle Ranges Services provides essential consultancy to the companies in order to map their security needs, guide them towards the right solutions and assist with their implementation. We carry out risk assessments to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your premises or site locations and advise on adequate security arrangements that are appropriate to your needs. Whether your organization functions in a hostile environments eagle range will develop a comprehensive security plan aimed at protecting and creating value for your business.

Effective training and planning help organisations prepare for a crisis. We do this through:

  • Crisis Management Plans and Training.
  • Incident Scenario Training run as tabletop or live exercises.
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning and Training.
  • Hostage Survival Trainings