Institutional Development and Capacity Building

ERS provides a wide range of institutional development & capacity building solutions to organizations operating in Africa. These solutions include:

  1. Governance and Institutional Development: Strengthening public institutions and governance by developing policies, procedures, and structures that are transparent, accountable, and effective.
  2. Organizational and Change Management: Conducting an organizational review and developing a change management strategy that strengthens organizational capacities, human resources policies, and financial management systems.
  3. Leadership and Management Development: Providing leadership and management training for key stakeholders, including management and staff, to enhance the capacity of organizations to manage change effectively.
  4. Training and Capacity Building: Developing and implementing training and capacity development programs for individuals and organizations in all sectors, addressing core skills and competencies for improved performance
  5. Public Administration and Management Reforms: Providing advisory services in public administration and management reforms, including the development of regulatory frameworks, performance metrics, and policies.
  6. Financial Management and Resource Mobilization: Building capacities for financial management and resource mobilization, including budgeting, revenue generation, and resource allocation.
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation: Developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks, tools, and systems to support evidence-based decision-making.

Our institutional development & capacity building solutions are designed to help companies and organizations strengthen public institutions and governance, develop transparent, accountable, and effective policies, procedures, and structures, provide leadership and management training, provide training and capacity development programs, develop financial management and resource mobilization capacity building services, and develop monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks.