ERS provides a wide range of development & social research solutions to organizations operating in unstable regions in Africa. These solutions include:
1.Livelihood Development: Assessing the needs and challenges of communities in conflict-affected areas, with a focus on improving their economic prospects and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities.
2.Local Governance: Assessing the capacity of local governments and community-based organizations to deliver essential services and engage with local communities in a transparent and accountable manner.
3.Media and Civil Society Strengthening: Identifying ways to support the development of a free and independent media, as well as the capacity of civil society actors to participate in decision-making processes and advocate for their rights.
4.Social Inclusion: Examining the barriers that exclude certain groups from accessing key services and opportunities, and identifying ways to promote greater social inclusion and equity.
5.Youth Issues: Understanding the specific challenges faced by young people in conflict-affected areas, including issues related to education, unemployment, and political participation, and identifying ways to support their needs and aspirations.
Our development & social research solutions are designed to help organizations consolidate security gains, implement projects, provide technical assistance, monitor and evaluate team performance, and make evidence-based decisions